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Welcome to 2nd EPAL of Trikala

2nd EPAL of Trikala is a Day Vocational Upper Secondary School in Trikala which is a modern city in central Greece. The school was established in 1988. Every year more than 300 students attend it and more than 60 teachers work here.
Attendance is of 3-year duration and includes Α, Β and C grades. Pursuant to Law 4186/2013, a post-secondary cycle of studies, the «Apprenticeship Class» is established. The «Apprenticeship Class» is provided for Vocational Upper Secondary Schools (EPAL), and enrollment is optional for holders of a school leaving certificate and for holders of a degree of a second cycle of studies at EPAL.

There are five sectors in 2nd EPAL of Trikala:
- Sector of Construction Projects
- Administration and Economy Sector
- Sector of Agronomy, Technology, Foodstuffs and Nutrition
- Applied Arts Sector
- Health Care & Wellness Sector

Our organization has participated in many European programs (Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+) and it is open to new partnerships and european projects. Click and learn more ...


Feel free to contact us:

Address : Pyrgetos, 42100 Trikala, Greece
Tel : 00302431025299
FAX : 00302431037508
email :

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