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Comenius - Museums, Education and Modern Society

The Comenius Programme "Museums, Education and Modern Society" was a 5-school multilateral partnership (2009-2011) among Greece, England, Latvia, Germany and Italy.

The central idea of the programme was to design and implement appropriate activities to prepare students before their visit to museums, to activate them during their stay in them, help to consolidate knowledge and information but also lead to creative imagination after the visit.

The following schools took part in the project:
2nd Epal of Trikala (Trikala, Greece)
Shooters Hill Post 16 campus (London, UK)
Rigas 9. vakara (mainu) vidusskola (Riga, Latvia)
Berufskolleg Bachstrasse (Duesseldorf, Germany)
Istituto di Istruzione Superiore (Grottaminarda, Italy)

The coordinator school of this program was 2nd Epal of Trikala

The objectives of the programme were:
- To exchange information about history and cultural heritage of every country involved
- To know different museums (organization, educational roles)
- To plan educational programmes for museums of their place
- To explore common ways of approaching museums (both students and teachers have the chance to use imagination and creativity skills in this procedure)
- To change attitudes and develop respect, esp. within multicultural societies.

Here are the activities designed by the greek teachers and took place in Greece:

Main Activities
Activity 1 : The Byzantine Museum
Activity 2 : Three plays for intimation - activation
Activity 3 : A play with proverbs
Activity 4 : The water-mill of Matsopoulos - A First Approach
Activity 5 : Visit to the Matsopoulos Mill
Activity 6 : Young painters
Activity 7 : The old mill in modern art
Activity 8 : Narration of a folk fairy-tale

Extra activities
Visit to Athletics Museum
Comenius Week

The blog of this programme

Information about the meetings in every school
First meeting - Trikala, Greece (November 2009)
Second meeting - London, UK (March 2010)
Third meeting - Riga, Latvia (October 2010)
Fourth meeting - Dusseldorf, Germany (February 2011)

Webpages for this project from the other partners

Museums involved in this programme
Byzantine Museum (Athens)
Matsopoulos Mill (Trikala)
National Maritime Museum (London)
Imperial War Museum (London)
Zollverein Coal Mine (Essen)
Museum Folkwang (Essen)
Sun Museum (Riga)
Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum (Riga)
Aquilonia Ethnographic Museum (Aquilonia)
Capodimonte Museum (Napoli)

Publicity for the programme via press and websites

The Greek teachers
Barouta Evangelia
Avdelidou Eleni
Avdelidis Evangelos



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